Speed, efficiency and comfort guaranteed!

The QuickSleeper5 electronic pen performs efficient and comfortable local dental anesthesia, but also, and in particular, intraosseous anesthesia.

QuickSleeper is the only system in the world that enables an easy injection of anesthetic close to the apices of the teeth.

It possesses an exclusive needle rotation function enabling it to pass easily and painlessly through the cortical bone.

The advantages of intraosseous anesthesia :

– Immediate & profound anesthesia

– Effective – Painless

– Without collateral soft tissue numbness

– 2 to 6 teeth anesthetized with only one injection

– Stressless anesthesias, even with children

– Allows multi-quadrant treatments

– Optimizes appointment and practice management

QuickSleeper is a state of the art electronic injection system with pen grip. Thanks to a wireless footpedal control your support points are ultimately efficient for maximal concentration and high precision anesthesias. The electronic system allows better management of injected volumes. QuickSleeper has all the benefits to optimize and ensure the reliability of your anesthesia.