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Frequently Asked Questions2023-02-12T14:50:47+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes bad breath?2023-01-30T10:42:58+00:00

If the stomach problems have been ruled out, then the following reasons can be. If you don’t brush and floss daily, food particles remain in your mouth. But it could be tooth decay or other dental problems, so call your dentist.

Should I replace my amalgam (silver) fillings?2023-01-30T10:42:06+00:00

Usually doesn’t recommend replacing the fillings unless there is a legitimate reason to do so. Amalgam fillings last for many years, but over time salive can get under them and cause corrosion and other problems. In this case, of course, the replace is justified.

How long should I wait to eat or drink after a dental procedure?2023-01-30T10:38:41+00:00

It depends on the intervention, in any case ask your dentist. We already use anesthesia that only numbs the work area to be treated, so for example, after a simple filling replacement, you can even eat right away.

Tooth sensitive to hot, cold, sour or for chewing?2023-01-30T10:23:48+00:00

When you visit our dental office for tooth sensitivity treatment, first step will be determining the underlying cause of the dental sensitivity. While the exact habi tor experience that leads to dental sensitivity will vary from person to person, the underlying causes are typically the same. Each tooth is made up for three layers. The hard, outer layer called the enamel is the toot’s defense system, protecting the softer inner layers the pulp. The nerve system of the tooth is housed within the pulp. Dental sensitivity to temperature, sour or chewing occures when cells within the dentin layers of teeth or tooth’s nerve are stimulated by the previously listed. So call your doctor.

What to do if a temporary dental filling falls out?2023-01-30T10:20:35+00:00

There is no need to panic it is literally temporary. Just call your dentist as soon as possible and make an appointment to have the situation addressed.

Why should you eat before dental treatment?2023-01-30T10:19:50+00:00

In any case, eat before your dental procedure! On the one hand, blood sugar may drop, and on the other hand, after certain interventions, you may not be able to eat for hours.

Can I drink alcohol before dental treatment?2023-01-30T10:18:55+00:00

It is recommended to avoid alcohol before your dental appointment, because alcohol neutralizes the effect of the anesthetic.

Can you finish my dental treatment started elsewhere?2023-01-30T10:18:12+00:00

Yes we can. Usually is not a problem in the majority of cases, but it is worth considering that the continuation of an elsewhere started treatment (by someone else), is subject to different payment and guarantee conditions than the treatment started (and continued) by us. If this is the case, be sure to share your story and questions with us, and we will try to provide the most accurate information.

Should I go to the dentist if my gums are inflamed?2023-01-30T10:16:16+00:00

You should see a dentist if your gums are swollen and painful for several weeks. There can be many reasons, including tartar and others.

What do I do if my tooth is in extreme pain?2023-01-30T10:14:22+00:00

See a dentist, asap. Unfortunately the toothache doesn’t go away on it’s own, so the problems must be fixed.

I am afraid of dental treatments, is it possible to have the treatment under anesthetic anethesia?2023-01-30T10:08:44+00:00

Unfortunately doesn’t. But we use the most modern anesthesia during the treatments, but in extreme exceptional case, if it is very justified, we usually give a sedative pill.

Will my dental procedure be painful?2023-01-30T10:05:05+00:00

The patients are usually afraid of the unknown, coupled with dental anxiety or fear of the dentist. That’s why I always remind them that if something is painful, something is wrong. A lot of procedures are sedation exractions or have local numbing anesthetics, so patients shouldn’t really feel anything more than discomfort. We use the most modern anesthesia during the treatments.

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