Dental implantation

Tooth replacement is one of the most modern dental procedures to replace lost teeth. A dental implant is a screw, usually made of titanium, that acts as a new tooth root when inserted into the jawbone.

Dental prosthetics

The tooth replacement that will be placed on the implants can be a crown, a bridge or a prosthesis, in each case determined by the number of teeth to be replaced. When implants are a possibility, we will prepare a personalised treatment plan for our patients, explaining the implantation procedure and going through the process step by step.

In our practice we use the AlphaBio family of implants.

Our related prices

  • Alpha Bio implantation - 160.000 Ft
  • Alpha Bio implant abutment - 75.000 Ft
  • Alpha Bio implant exposure, and implanting the healing screw - 40.000 Ft