Brush your teeth! program

Brush your teeth! program

Unique program for children

Price: 45.000 Ft.

At Dunai Dent, we want to implement a unique program for children aged 6-14 (lives in
The program consists 3 clinic visits, where the children, due their age, are always accompained
by their parents. On these occasions, we teach them correct brushing and oral care in a playful
setting under the supervision of a doctor and dental hygienist. We help them choose the right
toothbrush, show them how to use dental floss, and the most important part is to encourage
them to learn effective brushing techniques with the help of special plaque staining.
If the children showed up with their parents on al 3 occasions, they will receive the BRUSH YOUR
TEETH! program certificate.

Prevention cannot be started too early!

The BRUSH YOUR THEETH! program, as a continuation of the program, we would like the children (and parents) to have a regular, annual free check-up and follow-up, when we check the children’s brushing and oral care techniques, as well as the conditions of their teeth.

If we can help with this much for the future generation to have a healthy smile and to realize
their dream professions, then our effort has already been worth it. After all, you can’t be a
fighter pilot, an astronaut, or a movie star without perfect teeth :)

Apply now!

The program can only be found on our website, under the tab BRUSH YOUR
TEETH!, under BOOK AN APPOINTMENT! can be done by pressing the button.
Children must bring their (currently used, not new!) toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other oral
care aids to the program.

This certificate is awarded to children who have participated in the BRUSH YOUR TEETH! program.

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